• Organizations and networks strategy

    Organizations and networks strategy

    Over the past few years, organizations have noticed that public and private resources allocated to the non-profit sector have dramatically…

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  • Study on Urban Green Management

    Study on Urban Green Management

    The "Estudio sobre la gestión del verde urbano de las principales ciudades españolas" (Study on urban green infrastructure management of…

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  • Administrative simplification

    Administrative simplification

    This typology of projects allows to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and legality of procedures and formalities involved in the area…

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  • Strategic analysis process with stakeholders participation

    Strategic analysis process with stakehol

    Very often, working on a complex project involves calling a lot of people to share their knowledge. The work sessions/…

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  • Barcelona, city and tourism

    Barcelona, city and tourism

    A reflection process involving a wide spectrum of citizens has been developed in order to identify the key challenges that…

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  • Citizen participation 3 Xemeneies Besòs

    Citizen participation 3 Xemeneies Besòs

    Within the framework of the transformation and improvement of l’Eix Besòs and its coastline, the Sant Adrià de Besòs and…

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  • Defining the municipal strategy

    Defining the municipal strategy

    The new municipal government teams are currently in the process of defining their strategy through the development of a Municipal…

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  • Dynamic project management

    Dynamic project management

    Project-based Management is key to implementing the strategy. Without its execution, the strategy remains written on the sheet of paper…

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  • Support for ERDF (FEDER), RIS3CAT and PECT UE funding

    Support for ERDF (FEDER), RIS3CAT and PE

    The strategy Catalunya 2020 (ECAT 2020), which was adopted in 2010 and conceived as a joint strategy between the EU…

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