Project-based management with Agile Methodologies

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Project-based Management is key to implementing the strategy. Without its execution, the strategy remains written on the sheet of paper describing the Plan. We may try to achieve a good strategic plan, but without a good project-oriented team, there will not be any progress.

Working with the involved teams gives priority to an approach based on the agile methodologies arising from the software development environment from a few years ago. The current context, marked, on the one hand, by a complex, uncertain and changing environment and, on the other hand, by the needs of users/beneficiaries, which are far from consensus and certainty, requires a complete change of mind regarding project implementation. The classic conception of a project based on its Scope, where Schedules and Budgets are consistently unmet and exceeded, and where the added value for the user takes a long time to be effective, is replaced by a dynamic vision of a living project design, focused on teams, with a progressive added value and a scope focusing on schedule compliance and the available resources.

The experience of co-creation with our clients has taken the shape of a Training/Consultancy model which has a highly practical nature, is designed together with the management teams and seeks to realize Projects which are in line with their Strategic Objectives. With some of our clients, we have defined it as an evolution from MBO: Management by Objectives and Projects, MBOaP.

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