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Large organizations tend to structure the work of their teams in processes that develop in the same way over the years. However, the context often changes (increase in employment, changes in demands, etc.) and then changes need to be made in order to adapt. From MOMENTUMco we think that, in these cases, it is worth carrying out a reflection with the team in question, as it is important to involve them in the definition of the new processes or organizational decisions that derive from them. In the last year we have accompanied different clients in these reflections that consist of the following steps:

  • draw the initial situation process map (AS IS) at three levels
  • reflect on and identify existing difficulties, inefficiencies and / or problems and
  • place them on the initial map
  • propose actions to overcome the difficulties detected
  • draw the process map of the desired situation (TO BE)
  • develop a prioritized and timed action plan

From Momentumco we believe that the current situation with the emergence of telework due to the pandemic situation we are experiencing may be a good time to open reflections on the processes.

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