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Aware of the importance of economic activity estates (PAE) in local economic development, from Momentumco we are supporting the Barcelona Provincial Council in monitoring the projects of the 49 municipalities subsidized by the Polygon Modernization Program. The main objective of this is to improve the quality of PAEs through high-impact investments aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the companies that are established there and, in this sense, foster business growth, attract new business opportunities and generate quality employment. Some of the tasks we carry out from Momentumco are:

  • design of a system of indicators for measuring results, impact and satisfaction
  • building a Virtual Control Panel (Power BI)
  • technical assistance and project follow-up visits
  • satisfaction assessment through surveys of companies and associations

In addition, the interest of some of the municipalities in other modernization projects of their PAEs should be highlighted, such as the implementation of Smart Plans.

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