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Over the past few years, organizations have noticed that public and private resources allocated to the non-profit sector have dramatically decreased. At the same time, cultural and technological changes, mainly in the hands of the new generations, have created new spaces for collaboration. To address this new scenario, it is essential to engage in a strategic reflection which, in view of the changes and their possible evolution, updates the mission, objectives, key strategy and breakthrough projects that ensure a value contribution to stakeholders and, ultimately, medium-term sustainability of this kind of organizations.

At Momentumco, we think that we need to go beyond the classic concept of Strategic Plan and focus on a more agile vision of Strategy, understood as a road map inseparable from Implementation and realized in Projects. Consequently, we regard ourselves mainly as methodologists – facilitators who have to design the contents defined by the involved human team. Work is based on three premises: understanding well how changes in the environment affect the organization and its stakeholders, benefiting from the different skills of our team and others involved, and placing value on the brand and the accumulated social and symbolic capital of the institution that is being analysed.

A key part of this process is conducting one or more participatory meetings of strategic reflection between the institution team and other key individuals who can contribute their knowledge. Finally, it has always been our desire to support the institution in launching actions and in the definition of a methodology to monitor strategy implementation: without execution, strategy will be meaningless.

In this 2020 we have developed such projects with the teams of the municipalities of Montornès del Vallès and Sant Adrià de Besòs (PAM projects 2020 – 2023), the city of Viladecans in the field of citizen participation, the non-profit organizations Down Catalunya and Fundació Viver de Bell-lloc, the Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI) of the Valencian Community, the Diputació de Bizkaia in its strategy of support for industrial development and the Directorate of Institutional Relations of the City Council of Barcelona.

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