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Within the framework of the transformation and improvement of l’Eix Besòs and its coastline, the Sant Adrià de Besòs and Badalona councils jointly developed a participatory space in order to deal with the redevelopment of the front coastline of Tres Xemeneies, the area of land between the railroad track, the sea and the front from the mouth of the Besòs river to the end of the Tres Xemeneies space.

With the objective of incorporating the citizens’ view, the councils promoted the establishment of a Citizen Council which consisted of 100 people with an outstanding capacity for representing the citizenry and who were involved in various sectors, so that this Council got involved in three working and participatory discussion sessions focusing on the future transformation of the relevant area.

Momentumco faces this challenge by developing the design of the participatory process and giving a boost to the working sessions so that all the voices from the Citizen Council are accommodated. Each working session was attended by 32 participants and lasted for 4 hours, structured in two phases:

Phase 1. Guided visit to the field of action. This phase intended to visit the field via a guided coach tour so that the participants could get first-hand knowledge of the reality, context and environment of the project.

Phase 2. Participatory workshops. In this second part, the participants were distributed in 4 work groups. First they had a discussion and afterwards contributed with their proposals or concerns individually. The work sequence was designed to gather three kinds of suggestions: the positive aspects to be enhanced, the negative aspects to be avoided, and the priority areas to be taken into account.

After these three sessions in which all of the Citizen Council participated, a fourth session took place, this time as a joint session, aimed at sharing the suggestions from the previous ones and winding up the participatory space with a joint discussion.

Momentumco drafted the minutes of the results of each one of the sessions, as well as an overall assessment of all the suggestions, arranged by subject and number of contributions for each subject.

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