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From Momentumco, we are committed to the creation of an internal motor team of the Museum, who will lead the process of strategic reflection together with external support, and thus create a collaborative and shared work with the Museum’s team. The task to be developed begins with context sessions with the motor team (proposals and related projects), as well as the contrast of benchmarking, identifying and analyzing museums or similar cultural institutions. The second phase is that of direct work with the internal and external involved in the museum, which is why we consider it appropriate to consult the key stakeholders involved as well as the internal teams. On the other hand, it is essential to have the reflections of the governing bodies and key financiers.

Each museum or institution has different characteristics, dimensions, diferents needs to adapt to these so as to accompany them in the advancement towards the realization of their Strategy.
In order to be able to count on all this participation, we propose doing so through interviews, small group meetings, participatory sessions and strategic questionnaires for strategic reflection, among others.

In addition, we have worked to support the drafting of Strategic Collaboration Agreements between Museums and Public Administration, in order to reach common agreements to advance as a museum and at the same time advance towards the culture of Catalonia during a specific period.
This work consists in the structuring of all the generic information of the Museum, as well as the requests by the Public Administration. These points are worked together between the Museum and Public Administration to advance. Initial meetings with the Public Administration are held to consider their priorities, and later, with the respective Museum, one or more participative face-to-face sessions are held where their main future challenges are worked out, and finally the two are put in common forward lines. Apart from having a clear systematization of work at all levels, it allows to cohesion the management team and promote the co-responsibility of the people involved in the Museum or cultural institution.

Some of the latest experiences of working together with the management teams of cultural institutions have been with the Museu Episcopal de Vic, the Museums of Reus / Institut Municipal Reus Cultura, the Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya, the Museu d’Art Contemporani of Barcelona (MACBA) and the Born Center for Culture and Memory, among others.

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