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Public administrations have multiple challenges of modernization and organizational and digital transformation, which require a boost and support. From Momentumco we are supporting several municipalities in the diagnosis and development of plans for the development of strategies of Smart City strategies. Some of the tasks that we carry out are: to make a territorial diagnosis identifying the Smart opportunities and needs of the municipality, to define the Smart Strategy and to elaborate the Action Plan, identify and specify priority projects, establish Governance and create the organs drivers, as well as the support in the realization of the necessary participatory processes. These strategies have the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of the citizens of these municipalities by promoting the use of technologies.

In addition, from the analysis and strategic planning we also give advice and support to the municipalities for:

  • Obtaining Smart badges or labels
  • Research funding fund (ERDF) for the development of Smart projects
  • Definition of indicators and establishment of methodologies for tracking for the achievement of the Smart objectives
  • Support in the realization of the necessary participatory processes
  • Accompaniment in change management

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