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This type of consulting provides methodology and criteria in order to define, identify, structure and facilitate the creation of the catalogs and letters of services of the administrations by homogenizing and coordinating the information that is received from the different dependencies that make up the organization.

Law 19/2014 on transparency, access to public information and good governance establishes that the administration must make public the information related to the catalog of the services provided, the existing service letters and the information on the results of the evaluations of Quality and the social impact of public policies.

This methodology is based on the analysis of the initial situation where, first of all, it is necessary to identify the referents of the organizational units with which, through targeted meetings, it will be necessary to design the different service catalogs. The catalogs are defined as services through structured files and a defined protocol. Then the information is completed with the rest of the team in order to comply with what is required by law. Finally, the service letters once validated are published on the websites of transparency of the different administrations. In these projects it is very important to establish procedures for updating the information. To the extent possible, you need to work your automation through tools and applications.

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