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The strategy Catalunya 2020 (ECAT 2020), which was adopted in 2010 and conceived as a joint strategy between the EU and the member states, has taken the shape of four major guidelines in Catalonia: 1. research and innovation strategy for smart specialisation of Catalonia (RIS3CAT), 2. A strategic planning of European funds, 3. Alignment of sectoral plans and actions with Europe 2020 priorities and 4. Ongoing social dialogue. In the multiannual financial framework for the period 2014-2020, several calls haven been made for RIS3CAT, the operational programmes (OP) of ERDF and the Specialisation and territorial competitiveness projects (PECT).

In this context, the Momentumco team has recently collaborated with several councils, consortia, universities and private companies in the submission of proposals. The support project has focused on the identification of the key stakeholders involved, the direction and coordination of collaborative work among the actors involved, the preparation of the project overview with the prioritization of activities proposals and, finally, the realization of the technical report and the realization of projects, eligible expenses and milestones, and implementation schedules.

Some recent examples are: support to the RIS3CAT Tourism community, support to the RIS3CAT Gastronomy community, FEDER Sant Adrià de Besòs proposal and PECT Litoral Besòs – UPC.

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