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This 2020, we have been working with an important university in the Valencian Community in its Strategy for advancing towards the SDGs. The project develops the university’s desire to integrate the SDGs in its way of working, identifying actions for change and improvement both in the way the university itself works and in the socio-economic environment that surrounds it. To this end, debates have been opened on the potential of the University to improve its reality and that of its environment, with the aim of enabling them to identify actions and drive change in the coming years to move towards the SDGs.

This process has been basically participatory and developed from the bottom up, with the involvement of all the main agents of the University, as well as its social and economic environment.

Throughout the year, a participatory process has been carried out which, due to the pandemic, has had to be developed using various online formats and dynamics, and which has made it possible to identify a long catalog of actions that since the University can develop internally, or drive in its environment, becoming an engine of advancement towards the SDGs in the regional environment of the university. Over the next year, it is planned to draft the final document that structures the proposals to achieve the SDGs from the point of view of the 4 key missions of the university: teaching, research, governance and management and commitment to society.

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