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The new municipal government teams are currently in the process of defining their strategy through the development of a Municipal Action Plan (PAM) which will be the road map to be followed during the next four-year-mandate and which has been created in a participative way, with the involvement of all citizens in decision making.

In this context, Momentumco has supported:

  • strategic axes, lines and goals definition as well as the design and development of the internal work process of the organization, involving internally the technical team of the town council and deploying their knowledge in order to develop a strategy while sharing with them the objectives of the organization.
  • the dynamic management of workshops and face-to-face debating sessions, and the gathering of information that has allowed to structure the PAM document, as well as specific sessions with a participative methodology which stimulates the contribution of ideas, the contrast of arguments and the collective construction among all the participants. All of this has turned these spaces into one of the main instruments in working closely with the citizens and gathering and discussing proposals that have contributed to the preparation of PAM.

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