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Defining the strategy

The importance of institutional and business strategy

Institutional and Corporate Strategy is fundamental for long-term success, including non-profit organisations and networks. When defining the Strategic Plans of the Department, Centre or Business Unit, it is crucial to structure and coordinate strategic thinking processes to ensure an effective approach and a clear path towards the achievement of objectives.


Institutional and corporate strategy

Strategy is  fundamental approach to the success and growth of both public and private organizations, involving long-term planning and decision making that guides the direction of the company or organization, defining its purpose, vision, values and objectives. To develop a solid strategy, understood as an organized pattern towards an end, we start with an analysis and then move on to the identification of key challenges. 


Strategic plans for non-profit organizations and networks

Strategic planning emergences as a fundamental aspect in the direction and management of non-profit organisations and organisational networks, as it not only facilitates the alignment of shared goals and visions, but also provides a solid structure for prioritising goals, aligning visions and organising the actions to be developed. Through this process, it is possible to establish a solid basis for strategic decision-making.


Structuring and coordinating strategic thinking processes

In a context of change such as the current one, strategic reflection is a process that should be carried out periodically in organizations to review the Mission, Vision and Values and renew the challenges and objectives. Ideally, the different teams of an institution should participate in the process in order to debate and contrast different points of view and opinions with the aim of aligning their positions.


Leading and facilitating strategic thinking sessions

The key for a strategic thinking session to be useful and achieve its objectives is good preparation and management. Our professionals have an extensive experience and a long track record in the preparation, management and facilitation of strategic thinking sessions using techniques that encourage the participation of all participants and the debate and contrast of opinions on the most critical issues.

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Implementation and monitoring

  • Action plans and management office.
  • Implementation of the strategy.
  • Monitoring of achievement indicators.
  • Degree of progress of key projects.

Organizational improvement

  • Process maps and improvement plans.
  • Organisational evolution.
  • Redefinition of processes.
  • Administrative simplification.

Encouraging participation

  • Structuring of participatory processes.
  • Design and analysis of surveys.
  • Participatory dynamics.
  • Facilitation of brainstorming sessions.

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