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Implementation and monitoring

From design to reality: strategy implementation and monitoring

The key to organisational progress lies in regular and meticulous monitoring. Properly implemented action plans, together with the identification and monitoring of key performance indicators, are essential to assess the impact and success of strategy implementation. In addition, an efficient Project management Office ensures a coordinated approach and effective implementation of activities and projects.


Action plans and strategy implementation

Strategy without execution does not allow us to achieve our Vision and objectives. It is for this reason that we believe that a good strategic reflection should culminate with the establishment of annual Action Plans or a portfolio of Key Projects, which are what will really transform the organization in the desired direction.


Identification and monitoring of the main achievement indicators

In order to track the progress of the established actions or projects, it is important to establish and monitor those achievement indicators that give us useful information about the operational performance of the organization. It is also essential not to lose sight of the strategic aspect of execution. The construction of both operational and strategic scorecards is necessary in order to be able to adequately monitor the execution of the strategy.


Periodic monitoring of the degree of progress of activities and projects

Many organizations define their strategy and draw up action plans, but day-to-day operations do not allow them to monitor key projects. In this way, it is common that the strategy is diluted and the planned changes are not achieved. MomentumCO provides support in the process of implementation and monitoring of the operational part of the strategy: actions and projects.


Project Management Office

In some clients, we offer a holistic support around the projects to be executed, ranging from help in their definition, with the preparation of project sheets and structuring of all the information available at the time in question, to direct contact with project leaders to guide them in their task of implementing them, through the periodic monitoring of their key metrics.

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