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This type of project aims to provide strategic advisory services and processes in the field of ICT. Within this general objective, our clients can count on specialized support in any aspect linked to:

  • Strategic consultancy: services for the definition, review, planning and materialization of the strategy in the field of ICT with the ultimate goal of creating value in a sustained way over time.
  • Organization and processes consulting: support services specializing in the definition of processes, analysis and reengineering of current processes, either to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness, or to facilitate the achievement of specific objectives (increase transparency or security, either for adaptation to new needs or new technologies, analysis and management of the possible organizational impacts related to the government, management or use of ICT, etc.).
  • Preliminary consulting: performing preliminary tasks necessary for the definition of project plans for the future construction of applications or ICT services.

We are specialized consultants and project managers who, in addition to the delivery of the expected products, will support the entire project from its planning (risks, scope, …), monitoring and control until the end of the project following the Our methodology of project management based on international standards, such as the PRINCE-2 methodologies and Agile methodologies.

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