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Portfolio Category: Implementation and monitoring

Study on Urban Green Management

The "Estudio sobre la gestión del verde urbano de las principales ciudades españolas" (Study on urban green infrastructure management of the main Spanish cities) developed by the "Asociación Española de Parques y Jardines Públicos" (AEPJP) had the collaboration of the "Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias" (FEMP), through its Network of Local Governments + Biodiversity…
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Dynamic project management

Project-based Management is key to implementing the strategy. Without its execution, the strategy remains written on the sheet of paper describing the Plan. We may try to achieve a good strategic plan, but without a good project-oriented team, there will not be any progress. Working with the involved teams gives priority to an approach based…
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Strategic and operational monitoring

The Strategic and Operational Monitoring projects (SEO) develop MomentumCo executive methodology, which enables an efficient, uniform and transversal monitoring of strategy implementation and everyday performance of the main tasks within the organization. SEO methodology makes it easier for managers to monitor flagship projects and key indicators. This methodology is based on the structuring of all…
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We help management teams from the organizations to design and implement operational and strategic scorecards in order to facilitate their analysis and encourage an optimal managerial decision-making. Any strategic definition requires a scorecard in order to make sure that they are moving in the right direction. These projects start with a first stage of analysing…
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