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Municipal planning of mandate (PAMs)

This autumn, once the new councils were constituted, many of them started the process of preparing their Municipal Action Plans (PAM) for the next term.

We think that this is an important process to escape from day to day and to make a good strategic reflection in order to identify the main challenges that a municipality must face in the coming years and the way to do it. The PAM is a document that sets out the priority lines, objectives and actions of the government action envisaged during the mandate and is therefore the municipal road map. Although the government team has a lot to say, it is vital to have the support of technical teams and can be a great time to participate and involve the citizens.

From MOMENTUMco, since the previous mandate, we have contributed our experience in strategic planning to the municipal area, supporting and accompanying several municipalities in the elaboration and concretion of the PAMs, which we hope will be ambitious, but at the same time feasible, and Allows to guide the projects of municipal transformation to advance towards the Vision wished by governments and inhabitants. +34 93 633 89 15 Diputació 297 2-2 A, 08009 Barcelona